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Car Accidents Attorney in Abingdon and Tazewell, Virginia 

On average, there is one car accident every four minutes in the state of Virginia. Roughly half of those accidents result in injuries. From dealing with injuries and medical bills, the stress of finding a new vehicle, and dealing with the insurance companies, it is safe to say that being involved in a car crash is a difficult burden to bear, especially if it is not your fault.  

That is why I have dedicated my services as a personal injury attorney to helping those who have been seriously injured in car accidents seek the financial compensation that they deserve. Contact me today at Letsen Law Firm and schedule a consultation. I have offices in both Abingdon and Tazewell, Virginia, and serve Russell County and the Virginia side of Bristol City. 

Why Should You Hire Me As Your Personal Injury Attorney? 

For over 15 years, I have been serving the community I love as a personal injury attorney. When you work with me, I will provide you with personalized service and unwavering advocacy, meaning, I won’t give up on your case and pursuit of justice. While you focus on healing and moving forward, I will seek the financial compensation that you not only need but deserve. For many years, I was named as a Top 40 under 40 in Virginia for The National Trial Lawyers.  

Put my years of experience to the test and let me represent you in your car accident case. Reach out to me today to learn more about how I can help you. 

What to Do After a Car Accident 

After being involved in a car accident, stay calm. Make sure that you and everyone else involved are safe and unhurt. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately and request medical services. Then, collect as much evidence from the scene as you can – take pictures, videos, and statements from those involved and witnesses to the crash. The one thing that you absolutely should not do not admit fault. You should then get in contact with me at my personal injury law firm Letsen Law Firm located in Abingdon and Tazewell, Virginia. 

Statutes of Limitations in Virginia 

Statutes of limitations are the amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit. In the state of Virginia, there are three statutes that apply to a car accident. 

  • Vehicle Damage – If you wish to file a lawsuit against someone for the damage that was caused to your vehicle, you will have to file the suit within five years of the accident. 

  • Bodily Injuries – Whether you or a passenger in your car was injured during the accident, there is a two-year limit to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

  • Wrongful Death – If a member of your family passed away in a car accident, you, another family member, or a representative has two years from the day of the death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. 

The earlier you file your lawsuit, the better chances you have of it being successful. When you wait, important evidence can become irrelevant. That is why you should speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Reach out to one of my law offices in either Abingdon or Tazewell, Virginia, and schedule an initial consultation. I also serve Russell County and the Virginia side of Bristol City. 

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Determining Fault in Virginia 

Virginia is one of the many states that operates as a “no-fault” state. That means, if you are injured in a car accident, you must file a claim through your own insurance company, no matter whose fault the crash was. However, if the other party is at fault, you are still able to file a claim through his or her insurance company for the damages done to your vehicle.  

There are a few exceptions to the personal injury statute, though. If you sustained serious injuries, you are able to file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Those injuries include but are not limited to: 

  • Broken bones 

  • Brain injuries 

  • Spinal cord injuries 

  • Wrongful death 

If you believe your or a loved one’s injury is so severe that you have a personal injury case on your hands, turn to an attorney that you can rely on. At Letsen Law Firm, I provide the residents of Abingdon or Tazewell, Virginia with personable legal services. 

Wrongful Death From a Car Accident 

In the worst of cases, a loved one can die from a car accident. When you hire me as your attorney, I will fight for the justice that is owed to your loved one and the financial compensation that you deserve. Get in contact with me today and let me take care of all of your legal burdens. I have offices in Abingdon and Tazewell, Virginia. 

Car Accidents Attorney in Abingdon & Tazewell, Virginia 

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury after being in a car accident, you need someone who will handle your case from beginning to finish. As your personal injury attorney, I will examine the evidence, handle the insurance companies, and fight for the financial compensation that you are owed. Contact me today in Abingdon and Tazewell, Virginia, and schedule your initial consultation. I provide my services to Russell County and the Virginia side of Bristol City as well.