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Reckless Driving Attorney in Abingdon and Tazewell, Virginia

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You could be driving recklessly without even knowing it: Speeding over 80 mph. Tailgating the car in front of you. Failure to use turn signals. Running stop signs. If you've ever displayed these habits while driving, you're not alone.

Have you been charged with reckless driving in Smyth County, Washington County or the City of Bristol, VA? Hire a dedicated reckless driving attorney who will work hard to achieve the best possible result in your case. Drivers in the Tazewell, VA, Smyth County and Wythe County areas choose Michael J Letsen Esq.

Don't Forfeit Your Right to Drive

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You rely on your car to go to work, run errands and pick up your kids from school. If you've been charged with reckless driving, you could risk losing your license. You'd be left without transportation to get you where you need to be. Call our law office now at 276-378-9849 to avoid consequences like license suspension.